Generational Technology LLC. 

Business Consultanting, Cyber Security Protection Advisor,
Technology Services/Support, Educatonal Classes.



We provide Technological Services/Support & Group Classes for all generations, including Cyber Security to small and large Businesses in need of knowledge or service for the vast array of needs that go along with the Technology and Cyber Security field. Generational Technology includes, All Tech Device Services & Repair, Individual Home Services & Support, Cyber Security Services, Business Consulting- Upgrading Billing Software Also Upgrading Payment Systems (Business Contracts/Subscriptions), Technology Classes & Advisement, Coding Computer Software & Apps (Apple/Android/Microsoft), Small & Large Business Protection (Encryption) & Total Software Update or Replacement. Security System Installation & Recommendation. Business Consulting & Security Risk Assessment. We also sell a Multitude of Technology Products to Individuals & Businesses. We work will small and large fortune 500 Companies. In most all cases we are able to find and provide our client with any Technology Device or Devices depending on if you needed our company to contact our wholesaler connections and buy from them. Generational Technology has worked really hard and is also fortunate enough to have the network of people and companies GenTech has gained trust with that are always right there if anything is needed. Any product can be requested by the client, with the benefit of GenTech providing the product is that we will beat most all other Competition pricing and this is including most all of our services (Hourly rate services are the cheapest in the area). We always provide free estimates (Estimates will vary based on Service or Support needed), just schedule a meeting with our CEO by calling directly or you can send an email with the details. Here at GenTech we take pride in the vast areas of experience and knowledge that has let us grow so fast at an unbelievable rate, a big part of that we believe is the customer services and knowledge we pass onto our clients themselves. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns. With technology always evolving so will your needs for protection, updating, repairing, and knowledge of this vast field! Appointments available upon request. Contact Information Provided!

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