Generational Technology LLC. 

Business Consultanting, Cyber Security Protection Advisor,
Technology Services/Support, Educatonal Classes.

Who Is Generational Technology?

Generational Technology LLC started out by the owner Jason Crandell (Picture to the left) who has been in many different fields of technology for over 10 years. Including the Cell Phone Industry, I.T. Computing Industry while working with Intel & Hewlett Packard as an ASR, along with helping companies in the newer field of technological marketing. Before starting his technology career he was in the healthcare field including geriatrics, and physical therapy.  This is really where the first thought of Generational Technology came to be. While Jason was seeing the lack of technological knowledge in the range of generations he knew that something needed to be done. We provide many varieties of services but the most important aspect to our company at this moment is to give educational services to the people that are in deep need of knowing how to work different technology by themselves to provide them the freedom technology gives so many people.  Our services use creative avenues to understanding and using a variety of technologies and how they are used throughout all types of businesses. Increasing profitability and making everyday tasks easier for a company is always on the forefront of that companies mind. We work with all types of businesses and individual’s. Here are just some of the businesses we work with; retirement facilities, Church’s, Technology Businesses, and different local groups like the Elks Lodge were we hold group classes. Current knowledge is essential in today's world of the always expanding technological field. All of our employees are held to our CEO’s high standard of customer service because everyone learns at a different speed and at a different rate. We at Generational Technology also emphases on how to communicate with the different ranges of generational ages that we work with. Please take a good look through our website and walk through all the tabs at the top of the page and please include any feedback that you might have about our company. Hope to working with you in one way or another.