Generational Technology LLC. 

Business Consultanting, Cyber Security Protection Advisor,
Technology Services/Support, Educatonal Classes.

Group Classes & Individual Support Sign Up

On this page you will be able to sign up for group classes and also Individual support. First you will click on the “Sign Up” button, from there you will then be brought to your own personal email with the Generational Technology email in the area of who you are sending it to. Once you fill out the email and state the area at which you live near and also if you were interested in group classes or individual support. Also adding what you are trying to get service/support with and what type of device it is you have or might be interested in getting. This will help our employees  understand what we are trying to accomplish when we email you back. We will then contact you with the date and place the classes will be held at. We will work around some schedules if you just keep in touch. If you are needing a Private/Individual Service you are also just able to call the company number directly and we will schedule the appointment then which saves time and tends to speed up the process.


Jason Crandell “CEO”

Portland Area

Gresham Area

Clackamas-Beaverton Area